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What is a Product Manager?

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Answered March 01 2021
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A Product Manager is a professional who is in charge of developing a specific product for a company or organization. Product Managers can work on different product varieties, but they are often products related to technology.   
Product Managers have various roles and responsibilities, the bulk of which revolve around building the product in a team setting. Product Managers often work as part of an agile team, meaning they work closely with Designers, Developers, Quality Assurance Teams, and more.   
When building or working on a product, a Product Manager is responsible for developing strategies that ensure its successful launch. Specific features and any requirements necessary will need to be ready for the launch date. Product Managers are an integral piece of the puzzle. They work diligently to secure a successful release, including decision-making, working closely with research departments, diving into analytics, ensuring the teams meet their deadlines, and more.  
Products will go through many changes, and it is up to the Product Manager to make crucial decisions that still align with the stakeholders' vision. Ultimately, they should stay aware of all the project's moving parts to ensure its overall success.
Personality of a Product Manager
  • Versatile  
Product Managers are in charge of all aspects required to create or launch a product. It is essential for these quick-thinking professionals to be adaptable and have a strong understanding of the customers' product vision and what is necessary to accomplish their product goals. Understanding what each team member contributes can help Product Managers create a better product and enhance their delivery and objectives.  

  • Decisive  
When it comes to creating a product, it is up to the Product Manager to determine customers' best outcomes. Product Managers must prepare for impromptu issues requiring crucial last-minute decisions and directing their team to create the best possible product.  

  • Strong Communicators  
Building products is all about working together as a team. The Product Manager must be able to communicate effectively with their team to obtain the best results. You will need to collaborate with overlapping departments and groups, so the Product Manager must communicate their vision and timeline as clearly as possible to guarantee that all parties are working together without issue and unnecessary roadblocks.