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What is a Quality Control Technician?

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Answered August 30 2021
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Quality Control Technicians are also referred to as Chemistry Quality Control Technicians or Quality Control Lab Technicians. The title is reserved for those responsible for inspecting and testing the raw materials and products to make sure they meet the required levels of quality. 
Any web search will reveal that this position's jurisdiction is almost exclusively inside of the laboratory. Still, a Quality Control Technician's place of employment can appear more like a manufacturing laboratory within a small or a large facility, depending on the level of output the company is required or in demand to produce.   
One interesting industry example that requires Quality Control Technicians is the cosmetics industry. Some brands produce a record number of unique products that need quality assurance standards and practices. There have been instances where faulty or failing conditions have educated consumers about the failure of brands and the level of measures necessary in every phase of a product production that produces goods that meets the strictest standards. 

Personality of a Quality Control Technician
  • They are hyper-vigilant  
Quality Control Tech's work can be steadily busy in the lab setting, which means they must stay focused on their tasks, especially when handling chemicals or raw materials. The right personality for this role is highly observant with the resources to inspect their surroundings for potential hazards and strategies for avoiding incidents.  
  • They are notably analytical 
Plenty of analyses happen in a laboratory setting. Sound judgments need to be made with all of the moving parts that make up a day working in the lab, especially when gaseous and liquid materials are present. The same goes for the quality of substances and processes. It helps to be a highly analytical and detail-oriented individual in this position.  
  • They are multitaskers 
Whether analyzing data, materials, products, or processes, Quality Control Technicians need to stay in control of their overlapping tasks. Skilled multitaskers could have an easier time managing the workload while also maintaining an immaculate workspace, where and when possible.