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What is a Real Estate Agent?

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Answered February 09 2021
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Real Estate Agents are professionals who assist with the transaction of selling or buying a property. They are knowledgeable about the local laws, available properties by region, and the individual in charge of completing the sales transaction.    
Most Real Estate Agents work for agencies, although some will work independently. A Real Estate Agent must possess all the essential qualities of a Salesperson, meaning they have to be friendly, engaging, and empathetic. They should have strong customer service and negotiation skills and a good understanding of all legal procedures regarding property sales.

When the owner of a property wishes to sell, they have two options: finding a buyer and negotiating the whole deal by themselves, including doing all the necessary paperwork or hiring a Real Estate agency and letting them take care of the entire process.   
After a Real Estate Agent closes a property deal, they charge a percentage of the sale's final amount to the original owner. This percentage may vary from one agency to another. The sales process will differ depending on the type of building or property for sales, its location, and the laws and tax regulations regarding the sale. 

Skills required for a Real Estate Agent 
  • Attention to Detail  
Real Estate Agents need to be attentive to their clients and the market they represent. As a Real Estate Agent, your role is to sell the property to clients based on availability and the client's criteria. Additionally, as property sales experts, the Real Estate Agent should be attentive to the property's quality to compare the asking price with market prices and do their best to satisfy everyone involved in the buying and selling process.    

  • Social Skills
Real Estate Agents' work has everything to do with selling, whether working directly with buyers or sellers. In this competitive field, agents must gain a respected status and market themselves to their clients in a friendly and professional manner.   

  • Ability to Negotiate  
Negotiating is a crucial part of any Real Estate Agents' success. The listing price, selling price, and commission are all numbers that can vary based on the Real Estate Agents ability to negotiate. This ability will be beneficial for both the buyers and the Real Estate Agents themselves.