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What is a Receptionist?

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Answered July 01 2021
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Receptionists, also known as Administrative Assistants, are usually the first point of contact for any business or organization and are considered the ambassador or representative of the company. Their primary duties are to greet visitors, answer calls, and direct coming and going parties to their respective conferences in-office. They also address any visiting clients' phone and in-person inquiries, schedule and confirm appointments for colleagues, and answer information requests as they come. This is only the baseline of duties for this profession, though, as some responsibilities will differ across industries. Take, for example, reception for hospitals and doctor's office's where receptionists may (add link) gather patients' personal and insurance information and direct patients to the proper waiting room. The information collected is sensitive and should be handled with care and discretion when entered in databases.   
In some cases, especially in smaller companies, the Receptionist's tasks may overlap with those of an Administrative Assistant, which is why they may also take care of some Human Resources tasks (e.g., accounting and logistics). In any case, receptionists are a valuable addition for any office wanting to make a lasting impression on staff and guests alike. They play a pivotal role in structuring the office environment.   

Personality of a Receptionist
  • They are customer service experts
While making it as a Receptionist is possible without expert knowledge of the customer service space, it is relatively common that they come with experience in this field.  
  • They are incredibly organized
Administrative work can be very time-consuming, and there can be a lot of it when it starts to pile up. Organized and highly detail-oriented Receptionists will find their jobs more manageable with this skill up their sleeves.  
  • They are excellent problem-solvers
More often than not, an unpredictable situation pops up that requires Receptionists to think fast on their feet. Perhaps they need to replace faulty equipment quickly or handle an unexpectantly disgruntled customer. Possessing problem-solving skills will help manage these situations with ease. 
Answered September 24 2021
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A person who greets, provides assistance and communicates direction to visitors personally or by other means. A receiptionist represents and projects a first impression of their establishment