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What is a Sales Associate?

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Answered July 26 2021
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A Sales Associate works directly with customers at a local shop or national chain store. They help address a customer's needs and answers their inquiries to the best of their ability. A Sales Associate's role is to assist shop owners in selling their products and acting as a source of in-person customer service.  
Sales Associates can work in various positions, from clothing store clerks to hardware store experts. Essentially, they work wherever there are people shopping. Some Sales Associates will work on a commission payment model, meaning their salary is determined by how much they can sell, meeting their daily and monthly sales targets. Some Sales Associates will have predetermined salaries, an hourly wage more often than not. Sales Associates can work their way up to become store managers and even district managers in some cases.  
A Sales Associate's goal is to ultimately sell goods to customers and make their shopping experience enjoyable, so they are more likely to return. They should possess expert product knowledge, including details about the specific brands offered in-store. 

Personality of a Sales Associate
  • They are friendly  
Sales Associates are customer-facing representatives who act on behalf of a store or a brand, meaning it is essential to maintain a friendly and approachable demeanor. Sales Associates can leave lasting impressions on shoppers. When shoppers have a positive experience, it can help increase their likelihood of purchasing, returning to the location, or recommending the store online or to a friend.  
  • They are knowledgeable  
As a Sales Associate, you are expected to represent a brand or store and answer any questions that customers may have either in-person or over the phone. Customers may approach Sales Associates with several questions and concerns, such as product availability or price comparisons. The Sales Associate should be the expert!  
  • They are naturally curious  
A successful Sales Associate will be curious, meaning they will look beyond what the customer is searching for to provide alternatives and be aware of changes and future stock that their store could be expecting. Being alert and aware of industry changes and competition will help Sales Associates succeed.