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What is a School Principal?

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Answered August 30 2021
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A School Principal is the staff member of an elementary, middle, or high school with the most significant amount of responsibility for the management of that school. Principals oversee the day-to-day activities of the school and provide strong leadership to teachers, parents, staff, and community members. 

The Principal's job can be gratifying in that they can affect positive change on the students and the school culture. However, this large amount of responsibility can also be stressful. Principals are also changing to make sure their school meets district, state, and federal student and teacher performance standards. 

Most Principals work full time, with some evenings and weekends involved in attending school functions or meeting with parents. While Teachers typically get summers off, Principals work through the summer months. During the summer, Principals will oversee building maintenance, order supplies, and hire any additional staff or Teachers for the upcoming school year. 

Personality of a School Principal
Principals are people with a strong desire to work in leadership positions, enjoy the challenges of working in education, and like responsibility. Here are some other qualities that will make you a successful School Principal:
  • Excellent Communication Skills
Principals work with parents, students, teachers, and school support staff. They need to be good at listening to problems and offer workable solutions. This requires top-notch communication skills. 
  • Decision-Making Skills
Principals often work with limited resources in terms of teacher's time, support staff available, and budgets. They need to weigh all these factors and make decisions that will positively impact learning without affecting another party. 
  • Organizational Skills
Principals deal with a lot of different responsibilities and stakeholders in a day. On top of that, new and unpredictable situations can arise at a moment's notice. Principals need to be organized, keep a tight schedule, and have plans to deal with unexpected events.