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What is a Senator?

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Answered March 01 2021
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The term Senator comes from the Latin "elder" which means old. In Ancient Rome, the Senate was considered the "council of elders."  

 A Senator is a person who votes on bills in the Senate, which is the upper chamber of the legislative branch of government. Senators are elected for six-year terms, and approximately one-third of the Senate is re-elected every two years. 

The Senate is the Upper Chamber of the bicameral legislative system in the United States, with the House of Representatives being the Lower Chamber. Together, these houses form the legislative branch of the federal government. Initially, Senators were not elected by the popular vote. Instead, they were appointed by state legislatures to represent the interests of the state in Washington. The Seventeenth Amendment, which was ratified in 1913, changed that process and made Senators publicly elected officials.   

 Since Senators are elected officials, they are supposed to represent the people's interests and needs in their state.  

Personality of a Senator
Senators tend to be ambitious, enterprising people who have a genuine desire to improve their fellow citizens' lives.  

In Senators' personality profiles, they are generally found to be extroverts, which makes sense as they spend a lot of time in social situations, such as meeting constituents or donors.  

However, the beauty of democracy is that anyone can run for elected office, including people who do not have typical "political" personalities. Indeed, different personality types, such as detail-oriented people, visionaries, or more practical pragmatic leaders, can all find a way to work as a Senator. 

Senators need to understand the realities of working in politics and have a strong sense of duty and connection with the people they represent. Therefore, their staff ensures that they book daily constituent meetings so that Senators are continually striving to do better by the people they are elected to represent.
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