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What is a Social Worker?

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Answered March 01 2021
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Social Workers aim to help communities and provide people with a better standard of life. They work in a wide variety of places and have different responsibilities depending on their specialty. Social Workers provide counseling to people with substance abuse problems, psychological or psychiatric disorders, family issues, unemployment, or suffering discrimination based on race, social status, or sexuality. They also provide assistance and counseling to children in foster care systems, to adolescents and adults in correctional institutions, or geriatric-housed senior citizens.  
Most Social Workers specialize in communities that face diverse socio and economic issues. Therefore, Social Workers are central parts of public and private places and institutions. Social Workers partner with educational facilities, community centers, municipal governments, correctional centers, adoption and foster care agencies, and senior housing.  
Social Workers provide help and counseling to individuals or groups to help them overcome their difficulties, offering a safe environment where they can be nurtured and supported until the point where assistance is no longer needed or required.       

Personality of a Social Worker

  • Caring  
As a Social Worker, your role is to better the lives of the people you work with, so you must maintain a caring and empathetic nature. Social Workers need to be understanding and have the ability to communicate effectively to provide support to their patients.  

  • Strong  
Social Workers do not need to be physically strong but will need the emotional strength to sustain them in a job that can be as difficult as this one. There is always the possibility that Social Workers will be exposed to very emotional or traumatizing scenarios.  They must remain calm and collected despite the situations they encounter.  

  • Patient  
A Social Worker will carry out their casework over a sustained period and must be patient. Not everything will change overnight, and many roles and responsibilities involve a lot of time, paperwork, and persistence.