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What is a Tattoo Artist?

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Answered April 01 2021
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A Tattoo Artist is a professional who, as the name indicates, gives people tattoos. The pathway to becoming a Tattoo Artist is not linear, and a Tattoo Artist's success will vary based on their particular style of tattoos, experience, and more.    
Tattoo Artists exist worldwide, and specific regions dictate the laws and settings that they operate. Tattoos have been an essential part of many cultures; however, they are forbidden or seen as unfavorable in others. In today's society, tattoos are becoming increasingly popular, and they are more accessible than ever.   
Tattoo Artists can work in a tattoo studio, or they can work on their own. Tattoo machinery has become widely available, making it possible for anyone to become a Tattoo Artist if they want. There are different tattooing techniques, including tattoo guns or the "stick and poke" technique, which involves dipping a sharp needle into ink and poking the tattoo receiver, just like the name implies. 

Personality of a Tattoo Artist
  • Creative  
It is no surprise that Tattoo Artists require a creative edge. Tattoo Artists work closely with clients to create permanent, custom tattoo designs. Additionally, these artists can expand their reputation based on their style and creative approach, which will dictate their success in this field.  
  • Organized 
Tattoo Artists need to be organized multitaskers, whether aligning appointment schedules or tattoo outlines with their clients, to keep their workplace and stations sterile and ready for new clients. Depending on their work style, they may have multiple appointments, including additional sessions or brainstorming ideas. Some Tattoo Artists own their studio, while others work on a flexible schedule across various locations.   
  • Precise  
Given these art pieces' permanency, Tattoo Artists need to be precise and detailed with their work. Although clients can have their tattoos professionally removed, there is little wiggle room for error when working with their clients.