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What is a Truck Driver?

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Answered July 09 2021
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Truck Drivers usually work for transportation companies specializing in carrying cargo goods by land. They do as their title suggests, operating heavy trucks transporting goods from one location to another, stopping between distribution centers and other retail or manufacturing facilities to pick up or drop off the shipload. The variety of goods transported can vary significantly from one customer to another. Some of the most common goods they work with are food, materials (e.g., wood, coal, cement, or waste), and sometimes even livestock. Truck Driving for the purpose of shipping goods belongs to the logistics field, specifically Production Logistics that operates the flow of goods from the management of procured parts and materials, distribution inside a factory, product management, packaging, and shipping to warehouses.  
According to the cargo being shipped, trucks come in varied shapes and sizes to support different loads. There are refrigerated trucks, flatbeds, box trucks, "liftgates," semi, and jumbo-trailer trucks. Trucks carrying heavy loads require unique qualities to ensure the safety of the cargo, the driver, and the other vehicles on the road. Drivers are also required to have a special license to operate these heavy machines. 

Personality of a Truck Driver
  • They are extremely alert
When driving is your day job, even your night job, there needs to be some consideration given that consistent driving with infrequent stopping is difficult. Truck Drivers need to stay alert to ensure their safety on the road as well as others. Resting when possible, setting alarms, consuming caffeinated beverages, and any other method for promoting wakefulness behind the wheel is always recommended.  
  • They have superior hand-eye coordination
This skill comes especially handy for drivers that need to maneuver through road detours, traffic, and the rare accident if it occurs while on the road. There will be moments when hand-eye coordination is also helpful for unloading cargo quickly and efficiently.   
  • They enjoy solo work
Long-haul drivers tend to be the independent type that prefers to work independently. The destinations to deliver cargo can be considerably far, some even crossing national borders. Being able to enjoy the drive is one way that Truck Drivers can experience a more welcomed workday, or should we say work week?