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What is a Web Developer?

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Answered May 10 2021
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A Web Developer is a programmer who takes a web design, which is usually created by a design team, and then translates that design into a functional website. This involves writing many lines of code, sometimes in multiple coding languages. A Web Developer essentially translates a website's behavior from a verbal language such as English into language computers understand, such as Python, JavaScript, or HTML. 

Different Web Developers have other specialties so that large projects will have many Developers attached to them. 

The three main types of Developers will be front end, back end, and full-stack. If you're interested in one or more of these areas, you should set up alerts for all or some of these keywords. Front-end Developers work on the parts that users see and interact with, back-end Developers work on the code behind the scenes, and full-stack do both. 

Web Developers may work for any number of companies, governments, or as freelancers. They can be hired as full-time employees or on a consulting basis. In short, once you have Developer skills, you can shape your career to suit your need and your lifestyle. 

Personality of a Web Developer
  • Passion for Knowledge
    • Tech is an ever-changing and evolving field. Successful Web Developers love learning about the latest trends, libraries, frameworks, and languages.

  • Team Player
    • Developers rarely work alone. They work with designers, project managers, marketing, and content teams to deliver a complete finished product. They need good social skills to collaborate with others and make their teams successful. 

  • Planner
    • Good Developers make sure they fully understand the tasks of the project and plans out the structure before typing the code. 

  • Detail-Oriented
    • Successful Web Developers test their code all the time, they get hung up on details, and they make sure that their web works perfectly and looks appealing. 

  • Business Sense
    • No, you don't need an MBA to be a good Developer, but you do need a good understanding of how the business operates and how your work can serve the company's needs.