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How to become a Brand Ambassador?

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Answered March 01 2021
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In an increasingly digital world, anyone can be a Brand Ambassador, however some Brand Ambassadors can earn a salary from their work whereas others promote brands on their own. Brand Ambassadors are individuals who can be hired by companies to help them promote their brand or products, they can work in person, at events or online. With the increasing use of social media brands will pay influencers to act as Brand Ambassadors and individuals can also post as a Brand Ambassador themselves at no cost. So what does it take to be a paid Brand Ambassador? 
In order to become a Brand Ambassador, you need to hired by a company to represent their brand either in person or online. It is important to find compatible brands to work for based on your personal interest, or in other words are “on brand” with your style. Brand Ambassadors will be hired based on their background and whether or not they are a fit for their company. Becoming a Brand Ambassador is a role that does not require a certain form of education, however due to the large spectrum that a Brand Ambassador can work in it can be beneficial, especially when competing with other candidates. 
Another route to becoming a Brand Ambassador is by being approached by the brands themselves. Social media is playing a bigger role than ever for Brand Ambassadors and posting on behalf of the brand can result in financial gain. However, with that being said it is often celebrities or influencers with large followings who become lucrative Brand Ambassadors. 
Other ways to become a Brand Ambassador include working for companies who have incentive programs to help them sell their products. These positions may pay in different ways such as free products or product discounts.  

What to know before becoming a Brand Ambassador 
  • Working as a Brand Ambassador can involve working at irregular hours, Brand Ambassadors often work at live events or work online, meaning that their schedule can be unpredictable or that you can represent the brand indefinitely.  
  • Your salary as a Brand Ambassador can fluctuate, a lot. Not all Brand Ambassadors will be paid the same, and many will work on a commission model, meaning that they will only earn as much as they can sell. Other models can include having to reach a quota, however this is all determined on who you are working for. 
  • Brand Ambassadors need to be strong communicators who are also resilient. Audiences will not always be receptive to what you are trying to sell, so you need to be creative, captivating and ready to communicate. 
  • Working as a Brand Ambassadors can involve wearing a uniform or following a dress code. Every brand will be different, so it is important to work with a brand you are aligned with.