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How to become a Data Entry Clerk?

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Answered September 28 2021
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Most Data Entry Clerks positions are entry-level jobs that require little to no experience (usually between 0 and 2 years). However, prior Accounting or administrative experience is often preferred and advanced computer, math, and English skills.

The minimum educational requirement for this position is a high school diploma. However, more and more employers now seek candidates who have earned college or vocational degrees in a relevant field, such as Accounting or Administration Studies. Some colleges also offer data entry certificates. These courses are offered online or in-person and can show your aptitude for data entry, which can give you more power to negotiate a higher salary. 

Many employers also require excellent typing skills and may even have a baseline requirement of words per minute that you need to hit to be considered for the job. 

Besides, any higher level of education is often recognized as experience and will eventually allow candidates to apply for higher positions. 

What can help you become a Data Entry Clerk
  • Basic software knowledge
Employers expect you to be at least familiar with basic software such as databases and spreadsheets. You do not need to be a computer wizard, but employers desire some familiarity with the technology you will be using.
  • Fast typing speed
Data Entry Clerks are tasked with inputting large amounts of data quickly and accurately. A large part of that accuracy and speed comes from excellent typing skills. There are lots of free resources online that can help you improve your typing.  
  • A commitment to confidentiality
Confidentiality breaches are one of the main concerns employers have when hiring Data Entry Clerks. This is especially true in industries where personal and sensitive information is handled, such as healthcare and insurance. If you assure your prospective employers that you are committed to confidentiality and fully prepared to sign any non-disclosure paperwork, they will feel confident in hiring you. 
Answered June 02 2022

This person should get:

1 Obtain a high school diploma. ...
2 Pursue a data entry clerk certificate program. ...
3 Further computer literacy education. ...
4 Get on-the-job training.

5 Proven experience as data entry clerk.
6 Fast typing skills; Knowledge of touch typing system is strongly preferred.
7 Excellent knowledge of word processing tools and spreadsheets (MS Office Word, Excel etc.)
8 Working knowledge of office equipment and

9 computer hardware and peripheral devices.

Answered October 04 2021

Minimum education level, excellent typing, commitment to confidentiality