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How to become a Firefighter?

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Answered February 09 2021
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Becoming a Firefighter is a gratifying career that requires specific steps, which will vary from state to state. Although there are various steps involved, they usually consist of a similar pattern. Anyone interested in pursuing a Firefighter profession should invest time looking into the area they want to work in and consider what steps they need to follow when applying.   
There are basic requirements that firefighters should follow, including a minimum age, often 18. A valid driver's permit is also necessary. All candidates should meet particular educational requirements (such as a high school diploma or GED), maintain a good record, and pass a drug screening.  
Each city or municipality will have different requirements to become a Firefighter successfully. With all the pre-requisites met, the next step is to take a written exam that includes problem-solving, arithmetic, basic reading comprehension, and tests auditory abilities. Aspiring Firefighters must exhibit good character traits and must pass psychological tests to proceed in the selection process.  
Once a candidate has passed the required exam, they must take another physical exam to test their strength and agility. Firefighters' duties are very physically demanding, so the candidates must be in peak physical shape.   
The final steps to becoming a Firefighter will often include a round of interviews, which, when passed, will allow the candidate to complete the proper training to become a certified Firefighter officially.   

What can help you become a Firefighter
  • Physical Fitness  
Working as a Firefighter is a very physically demanding job. The roles will vary, but they can include operating heavy-duty machinery or even carrying an individual who requires assistance. Needless to say, all Firefighters need to be physically fit.  
  • Courage  
Firefighters act as the first responders in emergencies, and their role often involves putting their own life at risk. As a Firefighter, you never know what kind of situation you may face. The job, for example, necessitates that you enter a burning building to save lives.  
  • Intelligence  
Firefighters work in very stressful situations that are regularly a race against the clock. It requires this group of brave individuals to possess strong problem-solving skills, among many other things. There is a reason that Firefighters are obligated to pass written exams during the application process because their on-the-job decisions could be the difference between losing or saving lives.  
  • Team Player Mentality
Firefighters work as a team to help protect the public. Almost everything they do will rely on or influence the people they assist or cooperate with daily. An emergency could summon the entire fire, for example. Strong communication and teamwork are critical to ensure the team works together to get the job done.