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What does a Social Worker do?

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Answered March 01 2021
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Social Workers provide professional support for individuals and groups who require any form of social aid from a third-party source. They assist with a broad spectrum of issues across a diverse and complex network of people and take on various roles depending on their expertise. A Social Worker's goal is to utilize their education and resources to improve the overall well-being of individuals, groups, or families.  
Social Workers can specialize in many different fields that range from unemployment to child abuse. There is a broad scale of issues that they may address, and Social Workers can work in both the public and private sectors.   
Social Workers have various roles and responsibilities that are heavily dependent on their field. However, administrative duties and paperwork are typical across all areas. The main goal for Social Workers is to evaluate the conditions of their clients and record their progress. They will often implement measurable goals and monitor the progress throughout the time they spend working with their case-families and individuals.   
Roles & Responsibilities for a Social Worker
  • Counseling individuals, families, and communities on issues of mental and physical health  
  • Assisting people suffering from substance abuse and physical or verbal violence  
  • Guiding families to overcome poverty, discrimination, and social exclusion  
  • Advising communities on health issues  
  • Working with children welfare agencies and nursing homes  
  • Counseling and rehabilitation for adolescents and adults exiting correctional systems  
  • Interviewing individuals and groups to assess their problems  
  • Keeping records of conducted interviews and counseled individuals  
  • Gathering background information  
  • Writing reports based on their progress and needs  
  • Liaising with other Counsellors, Physicians, and Nurses to plan and provide the necessary treatment  
  • Sharing information with colleagues to better assess situations  
  • Consulting with certified Physicians to design treatment plans  
  • Group assessments for individuals   
  • Home or facility visitation   
  • Providing information on their agency and urging individuals to seek help  
  • Assessing family situations when necessary  
  • Determining the best course of action post-visitation (e.g., counseling, putting children in foster care, taking legal actions)  
  • Organizing group and community meetings and activities (e.g., group therapy, support groups, social gatherings, or community events)  
  • Overseeing the development of activities  
  • Keeping records of assistance and the progress made  
  • Assisting in housing processes for children in foster care  
  • Interviewing adopting families  
  • Evaluating prospective homes  
  • Assigning homes to individuals  
  • Conducting regular checkups on children to monitor their development  
  • Investigating cases of possible child abuse or neglect  
  • Monitoring the child’s development  
  • Inspecting the family’s behavior  
  • Reporting cases of child or elder abuse or neglect  
  • Evaluating the effectiveness of social programs  
  • Providing testimony as a specialist in a court of law when necessary
Answered November 21 2021
60yrs old want to help people

a social worker providise informasion to people that need social sevises.

Answered October 07 2021

social worker must be get people live together and solve people's broblem ,social worker he /she must complite any problem social worker get solution in society for example  family they have conflict social worker must be combined together then get solutions family be happy .