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What does a Web Developer do?

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Answered May 10 2021
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Web Developers write and review the code for websites. They also ensure that the website is working correctly and that it can handle the traffic it receives. 

Any company that has a large or high-traffic website will have Web Developers on staff. This can be in any industry such as e-commerce, news, or gaming sites. 

Many Developers live in Silicon Valley and work for the tech companies that are based out of that area. However, if you plan on living somewhere else, there are always jobs for Developers that are remotely based or in smaller companies. 

The most significant part of a Developer's job is writing code and reviewing other Developers' code on their team. They may work in one or several coding languages and work with other stakeholders to ensure that their code performs as expected. 

Most Web Developers work full time on a 9-5 Monday to Friday schedule. Some websites may have a small skeleton staff to keep an eye on their websites during weekends and holidays, so you may be required to work weekends if you're starting. 

Roles and Responsibilities of a Web Developer
The primary responsibility of a Web Developer is to write code. However, there are several other tasks that Developers take on to ensure that the finished product is functional and meets the demands of the project.

  • Writing code in several programming languages such as HTML, XML, PHP, or JavaScript.
  • Developing new applications and websites
  • Fixing bugs or problems on running websites or applications
  • Adding new features to running websites or application
  • Going over colleagues' coding to look for issues or possible errors
  • Creating Application Program Interfaces (APIs) to ensure performance in data exchange applications
  • Testing new features to ensure proper performance
  • Consulting with Designers, Producers, and clients to check on the project's process.
  • Working with web designers to determine the website's layout.
  • Keeping up-to-date with new programming languages, technologies, frameworks, and trends in the market
  • Learning new programming languages and frameworks
  • Quality Assurance (QA) testing and troubleshooting the applications or websites in different browsers
Answered July 20 2022
i have over 20 years Experience in Custom Web Desi

Establish domain ownership for clent. Interview client to obtain wishlist for website design, ie. Style, colors, specific artistic content, populate shopping cart with verbage for products, pricing, options, photos;(if available)install credit card processing software, create pricing and financial formulas, add loyalty program information,( whenever necessary,)create standardized reporting queries, setup GUI for Ad Hock reporting queries, create and write code for customer database population as customers visit website for customer communication information, setup About Page, Contact page, products page, etc client specific. Submit rough draft of site to client for changes and approved content, negotiate with client to create a meeting of the minds, establish and maintain a rapport with client to promote effective communications and quick turn around on gathering client website population data. Stay current with client on timeline and deadline information for website. UNDER Commit AND OVER Deliver so the client comes away from entire experience as a hassle-free positive partner experience. Provide training as well as step by step documented End User How to guide for any self-maintaining clients. Provide support for updates whenever necessary. Finally beta test website before going live, fix design flaws, code errors and any format errors or grammar issues.