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What is a Detective?

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Answered February 09 2021
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A Detective is a professional investigator that helps solve criminal cases and other situations as required. Detectives can be both public and private, and their direct responsibilities depend on the investigation at hand. The typical work of a Detective will vary from case to case. They are absolute professionals when it comes to gathering evidence and preparing documentation that the prosecuting department can use in court.  
Detectives fall under the sphere of law enforcement and likely have roots as Police Officers before specializing in Detective work. Investigators work on public criminal cases, with salaries compensated by tax-payer funds and government. On the other hand, Private Detectives can make for a lucrative career by investigating personally for individuals or companies.   
Detectives are efficient and logical problem solvers. They are responsible for interrogation, surveillance, interviewing, deciphering evidence, and more. Detectives work closely with their team and with the perpetrators of a crime, with investigations ranging from homicide cases to petty theft.         
Personality of a Detective 
  • Detail-Oriented  
For Detectives, every detail counts. Attention to detail is a crucial characteristic for Detectives to possess. Detectives should give careful consideration to every component of a criminal case. A Detective's key role is to connect the dots, and if they find that any details are missing, it could make or break a case.  

  • Tough  
Detectives can work on various cases, but they may come across disturbing scenes and evidence due to the nature of their work. Therefore, a Detective needs to have thick skin and separate their work from their personal life.   

  • Persistent  
Detective work can be very arduous, and cases can take weeks, months, or even years to solve. Detectives need to be both dedicated and persistent with their work. Some Detective work can require many different parties, and depending on each case, the details and evidence that you may need to gather could require a lot of work.