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What is a Physician?

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Answered March 01 2021
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A Physician, also known as a Doctor or a Medical Practitioner, is a highly trained individual that practices medicine. Physicians must study medicine and anatomy intensively for many years to earn their title and work in distinctive areas.  
Physicians prevent, diagnose, and treat various diseases to improve their patients’ overall health. There are two combinations of health practitioners: General Practice Physicians and Specialist Physicians. General Practice Physicians (more commonly referred to as General Practitioners or Family Physicians) are not specialists in just one area of expertise. They can diagnose and treat general illnesses but will need to refer patients to Specialist Physicians whenever the disease/disorder needs further medical attention.  
Specialist Physicians can specialize in clinical medicine, where they diagnose and treat specific illnesses and health issues related to their field of expertise (e.g., cardiology, pneumology, radiology, or oncology) and sometimes act as consultants to other Physicians. They can also pursue a career in surgery, in which case they’ll be performing and supervising surgical procedures or might want to work in a more research-oriented branch, studying and experimenting on human diseases. 

Personality of a Physician 

  • Knowledgeable and Detail Oriented 
To become a Physician, you must complete many years of intensive and hands-on education. Being accepted to medical school can be a very competitive journey, and Physicians must excel in their studies. In addition to having a strong knowledge base, Physicians must be observant and focused because every action they take is vital in their practice. They must be very driven and intelligent people.
  • Caring and Calm  
Physicians' primary role is to take care of their patients, whether prescribing them pain medication or providing aid after an accident. Depending on the type of physician, their day-to-day situations will vary, but all Physicians must be caring and calm. Many patients seek a Physician who is empathetic and willing to go over and above to help them maintain calm and relaxed during stressful situations.
  • Decisive and Ethical  
Physicians must complete several years of education, pass critical exams, and obtain necessary certifications before practicing. Their knowledge and qualifications afford them the ability to make crucial decisions. In some circumstances, they need to make quick judgment calls that could have lasting impacts. Physicians also work with vulnerable patients, meaning they need to be trustworthy and ethical in all aspects of their work.