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What is a Police Officer?

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Answered February 09 2021
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A Police Officer is a law-abiding citizen who has taken the proper steps to earn their position and career path through a series of exams. There are many different opportunities for Police Officers that can range from forensic investigation to marine services. As a Police Officer, you must serve and protect the community by preventing and fighting crime.  
Municipal, provincial, and regional governments are the primary employers of Police Officers. The term “officer” is a generic form to call agents and does not denote any position in the hierarchy. New members of the force receive the title of Cadet when they enter into service and work their way up the ranks on a system based on merit and seniority.  
As a Police Officer, there are high standards, and you must go through a series of different exams to prove your stamina and loyalty to the occupation. Police Officers work directly with the community and are committed to the highest standards of the law. 

Personality of a Police Officer

  • They are honest  
As someone responsible for upholding the law, Police Officers must be honest and have a strong sense of integrity. Police Officers hold a lot of power, and honesty is an important personality trait needed to stop corruption.  

  • They are agile  
Police Officers have various roles and responsibilities that are often very circumstantial given the situation. It means that they will need to adapt quickly to different conditions while at the same time exhibiting traits of agility, both physically and mentally.  

  • They are team player's  
Police Officers work together and with additional people such as the public, other first responders, 911 operators, and more. They must have strong and clear communication skills to negotiate, liaise between different parties, and more.  

  • Hardworking  
Police Officers work around the clock at all hours of the day. They need to be prepared to be on their a-game at any given moment, as necessary. Depending on the ranking or specific role of a Police Officer, they may be required to arrive on the scene of emergencies.