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What is a Scrum Master?

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Answered February 26 2021
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A Scrum Master is a professional who understands and applies Scrum principles to their agile team. This role was created within the scrum framework to designate someone who is an expert in scrum methodologies and can guide the team in a scrum environment.  

In scrum terminology, the term "servant-leader" is often used to define the Scrum Master. It's a handy definition because it contrasts the dual role of the Scrum Master: to serve the needs of the rest of the team by removing roadblocks and leading the team to accomplish their goals.  

The Scrum Master acts as a guide and helps keep the team focused on the task, identifies and removes roadblocks, and shares key learnings across the group. 
During a sprint, the Scrum Master oversees facilitating the daily scrum meetings.  

Personality of a Scrum Master
A Scrum Master needs to have an empathic personality, be able to see a problem from a variety of different perspectives, and work collaboratively with their team to achieve business goals.  

  • If a project is running into roadblocks, the Scrum Master needs to take a step back, regroup with their team, and come up with a plan to get the project back on track. It may mean adding or removing some team members or asking other people to come on as project Consultants. 

  •  When managing the needs and expectations of different stakeholders, Scrum Masters need to show a certain amount of diplomacy in making sure everyone feels heard.  

  • A Scrum Master must have the courage to put their hand up and say that certain processes are not working or that tools may not serve the projects' purpose. In that case, they need to muster up the courage to be disruptors of their workplace's traditional workflows.  

  • A Scrum Master will often need to read between the lines, assess what is happening in a project, and flag or vocalize issues. Especially issues that other people may be hesitant to speak up about, like workloads, extra hours, and so on.