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What is a Tailor?

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Answered September 14 2021
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A tailor is a person who specializes in making or altering garments. Tailors are often considered to be male, but the term is, in fact, gender-neutral. Seamstress and seamster are gendered terms, which are gradually falling out of fashion in place of more neutral job titles. 

Tailors are commonly associated with high-end garments such as suits, coats, or gowns. However, any item can be tailored to suit different needs and body types. 

Often tailors specialize in certain fabrics or garment categories, such as leather or outerwear. However, most tailors have enough knowledge of sewing techniques to do most simple sewing tasks, such as hemming pants or taking in seams. 

Since their job revolves mostly around sewing, a Tailor must be proficient in all sorts of techniques and tools of the trade. They must also be familiarized with different types of fabrics, understanding their differences and the techniques necessary to work with each one.

Personality of a Tailor
Tailors are artistic, meticulous people who like working with their hands. Here are some personality traits that can help you become a successful Tailor. 
  • Detail-oriented
Tailors are all about perfecting the fit of a garment for their clients. They need to measure carefully and consider all items of the fit including the fabric type, fastenings, and overall comfort of the client. This requires precision and a keen eye for all details.
  • Creative
On top of their keen eye for fashion, fit, and construction, Tailors need to be creative people. They should truly enjoy creating pieces and like thinking outside the box to solve any problems that may arise throughout their tailoring process. 
  • Customer-service skills
Tailors need to listen attentively to understand and follow their customers’ requirements. Indeed, strong people skills will allow you to form lasting relationships with customers and suppliers. Often tailors rely on word of mouth for their business to thrive, and top-notch customer service skills can set them apart.