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What is a Travel Agent?

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Answered February 09 2021
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A Travel Agent helps individuals, groups, and business travelers plan and organize their travel schedules. They can be responsible for purchasing tour packages, booking flights and hotels, and even specializing in specific locations or features such as cruises or business travel. They must be familiar with the process and technicalities of flights and hotel reservations to provide the necessary information to their customers. Travel Agents often work in travel agencies, although many practice their profession individually as freelancers and get paid a percentage of what they sell.  
Travel agencies can offer specialized destination expertise, targeting various travelers based on location or the activities they are looking to do. Some agencies only work for business travelers and may have special arrangements with some hotels and airlines (e.g., tailored booking fees) with other agencies specializing in leisure or adventure travel and work with clients looking for a vacation.  
Travel Agents are experts in everything regarding traveling, from the best flight schedules to the most popular destinations, the best times of year to go, and more.  
Personality of a Travel Agent 
  • Organized  
The primary responsibility of any Travel Agent is to organize and plan travel for groups or individuals. It requires advanced organizational skills to ensure all travel bookings' accuracy, ensuring that hotel stays align with travel dates and transportation arrangements. A Travel Agent's goal is to provide customers with a smooth schedule and ensure every aspect of their travel plans.  

  • Enthusiastic  
Travel Agents need to sell their trips to clients and present themselves as experts to successfully contract the sale. Part of this process includes having a positive attitude and showing passion for the travel and tourism industry. Clients want to make sure they are in the right hands, and displaying enthusiasm will enhance a client's reputation and likability.   

  • Resourceful  
When it comes to travel, there are many different options out there. A Travel Agent needs to be resourceful and know what is best for their clients. For example, they should know which airlines offer the best connection and departure times or what season is best to visit a destination.