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What is a Welder?

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Answered June 23 2021
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Welding is a complex chemical process where two separate metal parts are combined using heat applied to a specific area that merges the two sections. A permanent bond is created between the parts when the metal is melted and fused. Welders are invaluable to all things related to the Construction field. They use their knowledge of metallurgy and chemistry to place metal pieces together according to the construction plans to be solid enough to withstand the weight of heavy structures, such as houses and buildings. In addition, welders may use specialized torches designed to burn sheets of metal to cut them apart.   
The tools and techniques used by Welders may vary considerably depending on the type of metal they’re fusing since different metals have unique properties that may affect the necessary temperature and method of fusing. Some Welders are even trained and specialized in working underwater.   
Like in all Construction jobs, Welders need to pay special attention to safety procedures and protocols. The tools they use daily can be pretty hazardous if misused.   

Personality of a Welder
  • They are aware of their surroundings
Especially with spatial awareness, they need to be conscious of where their tools are, where they set them down, and what hazards are present to prevent serious injury.   

  • They work well under pressure
Literally when under the water for underwater Welders, but these professionals will also be working with extremely hot and highly flammable tools and materials.
  • They are Independent
Many Welders will work in a self-directed manner and are also highly flexible, adapting to changing situations on a dime.