How we handle data
TALENT.COM INC indexes all jobs available on the internet so that job seekers (“you”) can find every job listed online on one single website.
In order for us to better serve our users (“you”), there are two categories of information we collect:
2.1 Long-term Data
2.1.1 What is it?
“Long-term Data” refers to any data we collect to offer you a better application experience.
Long-term Data includes the following:
• IP Addresses;
• First Name;
• Last Name;
• Email Addresses;
• Phone Number;
• Cover Letter;
• Last Uploaded Resume (i.e. most recently uploaded attachment);
• Job Search History;
- Jobs Viewed;
- Jobs Added to Favorites;
- Jobs Applied for;
- Keywords Typed in search bar;
- Location Typed in search bar.
• Salary;
If you choose not to upload your resume, you might be asked to give more information on your work experience, education, certifications/licenses and skills, among others.
2.1.2 Why does TALENT.COM INC collect Long-term Data?
TALENT.COM INC collects Long-term Data for three reasons:
Personalized Email Alert Content
Subscribing to Email Alerts (also commonly referred to as “Job Alerts”) is a way for you to receive daily job postings directly in your inbox.
We use Keywords Typed and Location Typed in the search bar to send Email Alerts that are personalized to your needs.
At any given time, you may manage your alerts or unsubscribe to them by clicking on the “Unsubscribe from Job Alert” link, at the bottom of any email alert. You can then click on the Delete button next to the alert you wish to remove.
Improved Results and Personalized Content
Your Job Search History helps us give you better, more personalized results so that you find jobs you’re interested in faster.
Same goes for Salary Information, which TALENT.COM INC only collects to tailor content you're being shown.
Quick Apply
“Quick Apply” makes it easier for you to apply to different jobs, without requiring you to re-enter your application information every time.
Using the information you provided in your first application, TALENT.COM INC pre-fills the application fields so that it takes you less time to apply to any subsequent jobs."
Of course, TALENT.COM INC only pre-fills the fields, allowing you to change the information you previously provided in case you need to.
If you find yourself unable to edit this information when applying, head over to your “Settings” page where you can edit everything. If you still can’t find the information you’d like to edit, please contact us so we can help.
2.1.3 How long is Long-term Data stored?
Long-term Data is stored indefinitely in our system—or until you wish to purge it.
2.1.4 Long-term Data Removal
If you wish to purge the Long-term Data associated with your account, simply follow the steps listed below:
• Log into your account;
• Go to “Settings” and click on “Purge my account information”
• Done! All Long-term Data collected will be removed from our system permanently.
2.2 Short-term Data
2.2.1 What is it?
“Short-term Data” refers to any additional data that may be required by the employer (i.e. information that wasn’t listed in 2.1.1).
We temporarily collect this data, so we can transmit your application to the employer.
Some examples of Short-term Data are:
• Level of proficiency with certain programs
• Level of fluency with certain spoken or written languages
• Other skill assessment
• Portfolio link
2.2.2 Why does TALENT.COM INC collect Short-term Data?
You can apply for jobs and submit your application to employers directly through, in which case, TALENT.COM INC acts as an intermediary between you and the employer.
We collect this information temporarily in order to automatically transmit it to the employer on your behalf.
2.2.3 How does it work?
Short-term Data is electronically transmitted to the employer’s career site—where they would usually receive your application if you applied from their website—or by email.
2.2.4 How long is Short-term Data stored?
Short-term Data is stored in our system for as long as the employer who requested it needs it—or until you wish to purge it.
2.2.5 Short-term Data Removal
If you wish to purge the Short-term Data associated with your account, simply follow the steps listed below:
• Log into your account;
• Go to “Settings” and click on “Purge my account information”
• Done! All Short-term Data collected will be removed from our system permanently.
2.2.6 Important Notice
Once an application is transmitted to an employer, TALENT.COM INC can’t reverse the process or retrieve any data that was already transmitted.
When you apply to a job using TALENT.COM INC, you understand and agree that your application information is sent to the employer and that once your application is transmitted, the process can’t be undone since a copy of your information will already have reached the employer’s end.