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What is a Recruiter?

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Answered August 09 2021
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A Recruiter is someone who helps candidates find the right employment opportunities. Recruiters also help companies fill open positions and get the right people working. However, it's important to know that not all Recruiters do the same thing.

There are four main types of Recruiters: contingency, retained, executive search, and HR. Any jobseeker must find the kind of Recruiter that best suits them and how they want to find a job.

A contingency Recruiter is someone who works for a recruiting agency. Companies will hire these agencies to help them fill open positions on a contractual basis. Companies may work with several contingency Recruiters at once and only pay the agency that provides them with a successful candidate. 

A retained Recruiter is someone who works exclusively on filling one position. Sometimes, retained Recruiters develop long-term relationships with their clients, becoming their default talent scout. 

As its name implies, executive search recruitment is recruiting top senior talent to fill management or executive positions in companies. This is a specialized and highly competitive area of recruitment as the talent pool is smaller than for other jobs. 

HR Recruiters work internally for a single company and look to fill open positions in their workplace. They work with managers and their team in HR departments to place the right people into any vacancies. 
Personality of a Recruiter
Recruiters are people-people. They like talking, listening, and building human relationships. Other personality traits that can make you a successful Recruiter are:

  • Organizational Skills
Recruitment is a fast-paced work environment. You need to handle multiple clients, deadlines, and assignments to be successful. 
  • Communication Skills
Recruiters need to listen to their clients and find out what kind of candidate they're looking for. Qualifications are important, but they also need to learn about personalities and find their clients a good fit. When screening candidates, they need to keep this in mind and select the right person for the right job. 
  • Technologically Savvy
Recruiters find candidates from networking, job ads, LinkedIn, and other databases. They need to be comfortable using multiple platforms to find candidates.